Can I make a shortcut keys on Youtube or my favourite website?

Hey guys, I just have a quick question, please. Can I make a shortcut keys only on a specific website like Youtube page or my work website using Chrome? I really need to make a shortcut for my website at work I do many things on my work website like reply to people and adding files and sharing files....etc. It will make my life so easy and finish quicker if I can make shortcuts for my work website.

Thank you guys in advance for your help

Yep. Put the macros in a Macro Group like this:


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You are really hero you always helping me and I really appreciate it and you know I'm new to this lol Can you please make it for me and make example Youtube (like/dislike) and then I'll understand it the macro and I'll change it to my work website.

Just a quick question please does the application support French language or just English?

Thank you very very much :slight_smile: