Can I pause iTunes when it is running in the background?

I would like to be able to pause and start iTunes when working in other applications. Any suggestions? (I know it can be done from the dock; I would like a hotkey.)

I am not at my computer. But I seem to remember that KM has actions for
iTunes to pause and play.
But in most Mac keyboards you already have a pause and play button.
tor. 16. jul. 2015 kl. 02.39 skrev dwchjandl <>:

Jimmy is right—the function keys should already do this (most likely, it is F8 on your keyboard).

If you want to do it in Keyboard Maestro, here is an example:

Thank you both. I do have a pause button and it is F8.
Before getting your replies I figured out a way to do it with If Then Else.
So I guess I have two options now! :smile:

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