Can I "Prompt" for keyboard shortcut combos, then use the results in "Simulate Keystroke" actions?

I'm trying to make a macro that triggers a specific command in Avid Media Composer that is not accessible via Avid's application menus. The shortcut for this command can be modified by the user in Avid's keyboard shortcut options, so I can't bake in the keystroke for this command in my Macro.

Is it possible to prompt the user to enter the key-combo that they're using for the command, then store the results into a variable which can later be used to trigger the Avid command via the "Simulate Keystroke" action?


Not neatly. You might be able to use AppleScript, but it's slow and clunky compared to a simulated hotkey. I think you might be opening a real can o' worms. Can you give a bit more context for why you'd want to do this?

Here's my best attempt anyway:

Avid Hotkey.kmmacros (48.9 KB)

Prompt for Avid Hotkey 1 - Screenshot

Use Avid Hotkey 1 - Screenshot

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