Can I set "Trigger Macro By Name" to appear on default screen only?

I'm out of easily to use shortcuts, so I have a keyword in Alfred to bring up trigger macro by name for the few times that I use it (unless anyone knows a way to have Alfred trigger kbm macros by name without manually adding the macros?)

It's annoying to have it appear on my mouse screen and not my default screen since that's where I have Alfred appear. Is there a way I can tell it to appear on the default screen & not the mouse screen?


See Set Next Engine Window Position Action.

NOTE: This is a KM 10 feature. If you're not using KM 10, let me know because there's another solution.

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Might want to check out the Alfred Maestro workflow. It works great within the Alfred window.


Excellent! It works great. Thanks

Now that I have the Alfred Maestro workflow I don't need to do my workaround. But I still would like to have the application switcher appear on current screen and the "Set next engine window position" doesn't seem to be doing it. I simply have "Set next engine window position" first and second I have "activate application switcher". Am I doing something wrong?

Also, about "activate application switcher" I can't seem to find the list of actions you can take within the application switcher. I saw in an old video that right clicking apps in the switcher would bring up a list of commands you can enable/disable but that isn't working for me. Does anyone know where I can find these?