Can I simulate a Wacom pen button click to close the Radial Menu

Hoping someone might be able to help me.

I know how to do a simulated mouse click action, but I can't figure out if it's possible to simulate a click from my wacom tablet pen.

I want to add a pen click at the end of my actions (it's the same pen button as what's used in the trigger).

Thank you.

does Mouse Click action work?


No, the pen button isn't like the left click of the mouse. It's I guess a secondary button on the side of the pen.

For completeness, Mouse Click action has a dropdown, there you can select other buttons:

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 9.53.56 PM

Thanks. I just tested all button options and it didn't work.

I guess it's only possible with the mouse and not the pen unfortunately.

does it need to be a pen click?
in what software/app are you trying to do the pen click.

It isn't possible to synthetically generate a hardware device key-press using Keyboard Maestro, and in your example could cause that macro to repeatedly call itself!

I would suggest trying a different tack, and simulating whatever action you've assigned to the side button on the Wacom pen instead.

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So what I've done is set up the button in the wacom preferences to bring up an onscreen options box when i press the pen button in my design program (screenshot below). You press the button again to close it.

Now I've set up a action in KM that when i hold command and click this pen button, it saves the current document (command s) and then close it (command w). Obviously when i do this, because I've pressed this button it brings up that on screen options box. So when I do this action of saving and closing a document, i have to press the pen button a second time to get rid of the onscreen options box.

I thought if I added a simlated pen click at the end of my actions, it would automatically get rid of the options box by itself after i save and close a document, so i dont have to press the pen button a second time.

It sounds like simulating this pen button isn't possible so I probably just have to deal with pressing the button button again, or just simply try to not create any KM shortcuts that involve this pen button?

what happens if you add another Type a Keystroke, select the "Return" then press the button on the Wacom pen? KM will capture keystrokes and put them in the field. If the Wacom button isn't sending a keystroke to the Mac this won't work, but it would be my first try.

A simple solution: You could add a ‘Click at found image’ action, to click the X.
I’ll check my tablet to test if the radial menu is scriptable

Yeah I had tried that. Unfortunately KM only seems to recognise/allow the button when i press it in a usb device trigger, but not as a keystroke action.

Thanks, that'd be great.

The radial menu is not scriptable, but the "Click at Found image" action works:

Jun-06-2021 09-31-30

Thanks, Hello. That's a great alternative solution. Really appreciate it!

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