Can I trigger a macro if an image made by screenshot utility was added to clipboard?

There is a utility in OS X that copies a screenshot made to a clipboard. Here it is :

I want to make a macro where if I copy a screenshot this way, it will trigger this macro :

However I don't really know how I can do that, I really hope I can. I just want a fast way to quickly transfer a screenshot to Ulysses. For example the macro above would not work as it will trigger on any change in the clipboard. If there is no way to detect the source of where the clipboard item was added perhaps there is some other way I can make a quick transfer of screenshot to Ulysses.

Is such a macro possible to do? Thank you a lot for your help.

Disable the “Copy picture of selected area to the clipboard” in the Keyboard system preferences.

Change your macro trigger to hot key Control-Option-5

Add to the start of your macro:

Execute Shell Script: screencapture -ci

That should do it.


that worked, thank you so much <3

I should really learn these bash commands :slight_smile: