Can I use a Field in the Prompt for User like that in the Prompt with list action?

Hi all, I'm trying to create a "prompt for user input" page, to allow them to put in the information for a online database forms that need to be filled out daily. I don't have access to be able to create a one page form on the database itself ( that would be easier) so I'm trying to create it in KM.


This is what I'm starting with . My question is , is there a way to have "prompt with list" in the "Prompt for user input" Variables? what I'm trying to do is have a excel ( or something else) with a list of producers name and departments. where when you start to type in the producers field it will drill down from the list and when you find the name it will enter in to the producer field and also the department field. if the name isn't there it would add it to the end of the list. Once that is filled , go out to the online forms and fill them in.

There's probably a better way of doing this , any suggestion would be great.


You could use an HTML form within keyboard maestro for limitless customisation options, but it's a lot more work.

Thanks Vincent, I will see if that would works for what I'm doing. But would you know if you can use a Prompt with list in a Prompt for User Input. or a way to look through or drill down a list as you type in the field?


Unfortunately, the answer is no.

I agree with you that it would be very powerful to have a field on a Prompt for User Input that works like the Prompt with List.

@peternlewis, please consider this a new feature request.

@davidja for filling the online form, I think the Excel route is feasible.
You can, in broad steps
1.- run Find in Excel to search the first column of your spreadsheet to find the contact, and when you find it,
2.- the macro then copy-pastes each item from that row from Excel into the online form

Noted, but given the complexity of each different prompt, smashing them together would likely be very challenging.

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Thanks, Peter. I have no doubt it is challenging.
But then, I also have no doubt that a developer of your talents could do it. Of course, it may not be worth the effort.

Maybe this would help: Instead of fully embedding the Prompt with List in the Prompt for User, simply popup the Prompt for List when the user clicks or tabs into that special field. Then return the results into that field.

Of course, it might make sense to have a button next to the field label to invoke the Prompt with List. This would allow the user to enter type the data into the field, OR use the Prompt with List.

Just an idea.

Thanks for considering this request.

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Thanks , @hello , I will try that and see if it will work in this case.. @JMichaelTX thats a good idea about the special field. Let's see if they could do that..

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I'm might try that just so I can learn how it works.

So another question about the "Prompt with list. Having a issue trying to have it see a file that gets made. I'm using variables to point to the location. but keeps getting errors


Any ideas what I'm doing wrong??

I see what I did wrong here Forgot to add "/" before the first variable.

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