Can I use PS4 controller buttons for custom keyboard shortcuts/navigate cursor?

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of buying a PS4 controller to perform basic functions on chrome like: vertical scroll, close tab, navigating between tabs, and hopefully move/click the cursor.

Will keyboard maestro recognize the controller and allow me to set custom keyboard macros based on the input of the controller?

I've been using the same half dozen custom keyboard macros at my job (was easily automated) but I'm suffering from RSI due to how often I have to press the same exact keys (the job is very robotic). I've tried an ergo keyboard with limited success but I believe a controller would be an amazing ergonomic solution.

Any help is appreciated.

I know the app "Controlly" exists but it does not work for Monterey (my work laptop is forced to update to the latest OS).

I use an Xbox controller and KM recognizes it as a USB device and allows me to set its buttons as triggers. So I imagine a PS4 controller would have the same compatibility.

Hey, i just bought a PS4 controller and connected it to my Mac via bluetooth. How do I make KM recognize it as a USB device?
Whenever I try to make a new macro with a hotkey trigger and I try pressing any button on my controller, nothing happens.

Are you using the USB device key trigger? Not the hot key trigger…