Can I zoom the picture I have saved in "Click at found image" action?

While editing the existing macro I often have to check the image contained in “Click at found image” action. It’s hard to see what’s in there in so small size. Is there anyway to look at the image at full size or zoom it?

Click on it and press the space bar to show a Quick Look window of the image.


Thank you, Peter. So simple but missed this feature. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to gain access to the image after the Click action is created? I find myself frequently needing to add a “Pause until the screen contains image” action before the Click action. Unless I have saved the image somewhere, I have to make another screenshot for the Pause action.

On a side note, can I make a feature request that the “Pause until the screen contains image” be added to the “Click at found image” action?

Hey Paul,

You noted that Quick Look works in the image field?

So does copy.


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Sweet trick, Chris! Does the image field have any other tricks up its sleeve?

Hey Paul,

None that I know of.


What about that “Ace of Spades” you pulled last week? :dizzy_face:
(just kidding)