Can Keyboard Maestro be used as a Network Location replacement under macOS Ventura

I am an avid user of Keyboard Maestro and of Network Locations which were declared obsolete from Apple with macOS Ventura. What I have read so far is, that some of the Network Locations functionality can be managed through some obscure terminal commands but haven’t looked deeper into it.

I use WiFi triggers to switch Network Locations for my networks at home (with and without VPN), at work and while travelling (also with and without VPN). I mostly use Network Locations to change the fixed IP numbers of my MBP and of course to set the DNS server to the internal ones, which are running on our Synologys.

I think it is too early to go into technical details but I just want to encourage a discussion here, if Keyboard Maestra has all the tools to deal with this problem under macOS Ventura. Or if I have to wait for an app that re-sherlocked Network Locations.

Many thanks to everybody participating in this discussion,

I think the first question is: How necessary is all this? Properly set up DHCP servers will do most, if not all, of this for you and with a lot less faffing about.

If, for some reason, that isn't enough -- perhaps you need to change Service Order depending on location (though you don't mention ethernet) then you can use KM's WiFi trigger to drive networksetup via an "Execute Shell Script" action.

Hi @Nige_S,

I like your approach with a supercharged DHCP setup very much. I just have to check if the Synologys in the office and at home and the VPN Travel Router are capable to assigning the same IP number based on the MAC address.

And I’ll look into the networksetup command and what it is capable of.

THX so far,