Can Keyboard Maestro support F21, F22, F23 and F24?

I have bought a customizable Keyboard, and I want to use the full set of Fn keys, which includes F21, F22, F23 and F24.

Keyboard Maestro doesn't recognize F21, F22, F23 and F24. It seems to stop at F20.

@peternlewis — can you add support for these Fn keys? They are part of the USB HID keyboard spec:

What do you mean by “doesn't recognise” - do the keys work in the Hot Key trigger, but not display their name properly, or something else?

If I select Hot Key Trigger, and type F21, F22, F23 or F24 on the keyboard, nothing is entered into the Hot Key Trigger.

Conversely, F20 works as expected:

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 9.06.33pm

I just checked further, and Apple does not define the function keys past F20, and the numbers in the USB HID keyboard spec do not match the keycodes used by Apple that are defined, specifically Apple defines:

kVK_F10 = 0x6D,
kVK_F11 = 0x67,
kVK_F12 = 0x6F,
kVK_F13 = 0x69,
kVK_F14 = 0x6B,
kVK_F15 = 0x71,
kVK_F16 = 0x6A,
kVK_F17 = 0x40,
kVK_F18 = 0x4F,
kVK_F19 = 0x50,
kVK_F20 = 0x5A,

and the document defines:

68 Keyboard F13
69 Keyboard F14
6A Keyboard F15
6B Keyboard F16
6C Keyboard F17
6D Keyboard F18
6E Keyboard F19
6F Keyboard F20
70 Keyboard F21
71 Keyboard F22
72 Keyboard F23
73 Keyboard F24

But those numbers are usage IDs, not key codes, which the document does not specify.

Either way, Keyboard Maestro should recognise them as hot keys (but probably not display their names correctly), or as USB Device Keys (and maybe get their name right, maybe not).

If that doesn’t work, try Karabiner, maybe you can remap those keys.

USB Device Key is the workaround. Thanks.

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