Can KM Control the Brightness on a Studio Display from a Laptop?

I'm trying to figure out how to control the brightness on my new Studio Display from the keyboard. The KM actions work on my laptop's screen, but not on the Studio Display, even when the laptop is in clamshell mode.

Any solutions to this?

(I don't think this is KM's fault, for the record; I can't get the touchbar to control the SD's brightness when the lid is open, either.)

None that I know of with Keyboard Maestro...

Look for apps similar to this, and see what you can find:

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Hi @alesh. I don't have a Studio Display, but you might want to try this macro: Brightness Control


Thanks everyone! I was using ExternalDisplayBrightness and for some reason it stopped working at exactly at the same time I set up the new monitor. Turns out it works just fine, I just had my keystroke keys mangled.

Looks similar to Lunar, but free!

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