Can KM disable Opt-Cmd-drag in Photoshop?

Well, I've worked on this for about an hour and it's time to call in the experts!

In Photoshop, you can easily adjust a brush's size and feathering by holding down Control and Option as you drag the pen across the tablet.

Unfortunately, when I accidentally press option-command while dragging, it duplicates the active layer and move this copy. (For the kind of work I do in Photoshop, I don't ever need to move a layer by dragging.) When this happens it really breaks my flow.

Is there a way I can use Keyboard Maestro to:

  • Do nothing when I make this mistake
  • Or even better, have option-command send control-command Photoshop so the brush adjustments work with either pair of modifiers?

You can't trigger a macro based on just having modifier keys down, and I'm not aware of any way for KM to detect a drag operation … which seems like two big strikes to me. But maybe someone more versed in the intricacies of KM will have a better idea.


Assuming griffman is correct and there's no way to accomplish this using KM, I'll note that my old version of Photoshop has Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts, so it's possible newer versions have a similar menu item where a change could be made.

Running the latest Photoshop version with default key bindings (plus a few), I can't duplicate your layer duplication with ⌥⌘-drag. Nothing at all happens. (But, yes, ⌃⌥-drag resizes the Brush.

You might try switching your Workspace or investigating Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts… to see if either allows you to disable ⌥⌘-drag.

At your suggestion, I tried a couple of other workspaces and got the same result. I first inquired about this problem in the Adobe forum, and although there are a number of complaints about this issue, there appears to be nothing you can set in Photoshop to disable its default command-drag to move a layer (along with the option-command-drag that copies and moves a layer).

That's why I started digging around with KM to see if I could create some hack to solve the problem. I'd be happy if I could just get a beep to sound when I tried to drag something while holding option command.


It appears Adobe doesn't think dragging while holding a modifier is a "keyboard shortcut," so there's nothing in the edit > keyboard shortcuts system.


I was able to do it with Better Touch Tool. That makes sense, because it's more focused on trackpad and mouse movements. It's great we have so many good tools to work with.

My mistake. I was testing on an image with just one label. Now I see what you're seeing.

This approach worked for me but you'll have to set it to your own mouse click (not my mouse) as a USB device key trigger. If you press the mouse button with ⌥⌘ down, it will just play the Basso sound and not move the layer.

No need to undo a move, because it's prevented.

I like the sound output. Surprisingly, playing a sound is something Better Touch Tool can't do.

For me, USB Device Key doesn't seem to work, probably because I'm using a Wacom tablet. Nothing happens to the device key field when I tap the pen and drag. And today, my new Wacom Bluetooth tablet is supposed to arrive. I don't see anything in the triggers about Bluetooth devices.


Well, you can always lock the layer. That prevents it from moving but lets you adjust brush size.