Can KM do audio/volume analysis?

Long shot here, but is there any way to get KM to use audio waveform analysis as a trigger? More specifically: if the audio being played through is silent for 500ms, then do these actions?

I'm trying to develop a FCPX macro that could insert markers or blade cuts whenever the audio is silent for more than 500ms. Right now I'm having to do these edits manually, thousands of times, and it'd be a great timesaver if I could automate it. Visually, for the human brain to look at it, it's a piece of cake, but I can't figure out a way to tell KM (or any other tool) to do it.

I do not have FCPX but does this do what you want

"press shift-command-2 for the timeline index. in the clips tab (showing "all" at the bottom), search for "gap" and all instances of gap appear. click one of them in the list, and then command-a to select them all. then, delete"

There is some more useful info on this thread.

Not quite what I was looking for -- that removes gap clips. I don't have gap clips. I'm actually trying to either do a visual check of the waveform and have it automate blade cuts before and after audio blobs, or do an aural check of what's coming out of the speakers, and when it falls below -50dB, make a blade cut, then when it comes back above -50dB, make another blade cut.

Look here @ddas this:

A video example can be found on the github page on the top right.

You can then integrate the script into your KM workflow.

Woah. [Looking at the video] that is EXACTLY what I"m looking for. I don't have any JavaScript experience, nor knowledge of how to integrate it into KM. I'll start researching, but if anyone has any quickstart tips on how to get this working.

I have tried the script myself, but it doesn't seem to work at the moment @ddas.

But there is a tool that is not so expensive with 9,99 € and that does the same and even more for you.
Take a look at the tutorials of the app here:

Thanks for the PODcleaner link. That only seems to work on audio. I need it to do this with FCPX's timeline.

See his other products.... where he seems to extract the audio, run it through poducer and merge (also on special promo)