Can KM Intercept Specific Clicked URLs and Redirect Them to a Non-Default Browser?

Is Keyboard Maestro capable of doing the following?

If I click on a link with a specific domain (e.g.,*) in an email or from Twitter, I want to have those youtube links open in a non-default browser, such as Firefox, instead of going to Safari as they normally would.

My default browser is Safari, but a handful of websites either render better or properly in Firefox or Chrome than they do in Safari. So, I want almost all clicked links to open in Safari, but I would like a few urls to open in Firefox when clicked in another app (e.g., Twitter, Mail, etc).

Is this possible with KM?

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In a word – nyet.

You can change the default browser temporarily and then change it back, although that's not a Keyboard Maestro function – you have to script it.

On the other hand – if you have the full text link it's possible to do with native Keyboard Maestro actions.

This critter might be worth a look as well:


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Thanks so much for the Choosy recommendation. I've never heard of this app before but it does exactly what I wanted. Much appreciated.

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Do you have thoughts on how this compares to Finicky?

BetterTouchTool also supports this.
But it is not as easy to setup as more dedicated apps for this. But if BTT is in your arsenal, then it can do this.


I have just looked at Finicky and have replaced it instead of BTT. It has the feature to open specific sites with specific profiles in Chrome, which I could use.

Good find. Looks like a good, free alternative to Choosy.