Can KM Notify Me of Changes on a Webpage in Chrome by Auto-Refreshing It?

Need to check for changes in a scheduling calendar.
(I need KM to alert me if there's a change)

Will need it to refresh every 2 seconds, (the refresh needs the resend form data thing also)

Would really appreciate if you could help me.


Hey @forums2012,

Could it be done?

Probably. Although a 2-second refresh rate is likely too high.

Here's how to reload the front page in Chrome with JavaScript:


Detecting changes is a different kettle of fish, and I'd need more information about the calendar in question.


Thanks for this, but how do I refresh it such that the refresh happens with the "form settings" as well (as in when I manually refresh it asks do you want to resend form data, and I confirm that)


Try this AppleScript:

Execute an AppleScript.kmactions (731 B)

The action will import directly into the macro currently being edited.


Just tried this, it's still asking me to Continue with form resubmission


I am trying to refresh (with resending of form data) without me having to press continue.

(I was using Firefox check4change addon which is able to do such a refresh, but want to make KM macro hence trying to re-create that functionality with KM)

You might be able to zero out the form before refreshing the page.


It's not a form, it's a calendar actually probably sending post data.

I want to retain that post data so that I refresh back to the same month of the calendar not having to start over.

Okay. I'm out of ideas...


You will need to post the URL to the calendar web page.
Or, if it is a calendar generally available to all (like Google Calendar) then you can just provide the basic URL for the calendar service.