Can Microsoft Edge Be Fully Supported by KM?

@peternlewis, would you consider adding Microsoft Edge to the web browsers supported by KM?

While it is Chrome based, supports AppleScript, supports "Allow JavaScript from Apple Events", somehow it is NOT recognized as a Chromium-based browser by KM.
KM does NOT see it as a "Front Most Browser".


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MS Edge has made a lot of progress in the last year, and is now the #4 web browser world-wide. This review rates MS Edge over Google Chrome:

Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge: Which browser is best? | Laptop Mag

There is a lot of interest and discussion about MS Edge in this topic, starting with post# 28:
Using a Non-Safari, Non-Chrome Browser - Start of MS Edge Discussion

I have installed MS Edge, and so far it looks very good. It imported all of my Google Chrome bookmarks and extensions easily. So I was instantly up and running.

I'll close with the conclusion of the above comparison:

Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge: Overall winner

I was a bit stunned by the results and reluctant to name Edge the winner the last time I conducted this face-off. But I feel no such qualms this time around. Unless your laptop is loaded down with more RAM than you know what to do with, ==Google Chrome is going to negatively impact your system performance if you run more than a handful of tabs== at a time.

If that were the lone advantage of Edge I wouldn’t recommend it as there’s a lot more that goes into a browser. But as you can see from the results above, ==Edge consistently performed better than Chrome== While not to a massive degree, the speed boost is another point in Edge’s favor.

==Security and privacy are undeniably easier to manage on Edge== and while extensions and overall platform support are in Google’s favor, they are both hovering on the edge of being a draw as Microsoft is only half a step behind on both.

While there is definitely a bit of a learning curve as you adjust some of your habits from however many years of Chrome use, ==Microsoft has made switching quite easy== and I’d recommend that you give it a shot to see for yourself if Edge gives you the better experience as it did for me.

Yes. Also, see:

for making it work now by making Edge the Chrome browser.