Can no longer trigger KM macros with Better Touch Tool with neither with AppleScript nor Shell Script

Catalina 10.15.7 latest version
keyboard maestro 10.1.1

I used to trigger keyboard maestro macros with Better Touch Tool gestures using either AppleScript (asynchronous) or shell script (terminal mode, asynchronous).
Both methods are now very unreliable (only trigger occasionally) and I have to configure the macros to trigger with a keyboard shortcut which I trigger in Better Touch Tool . The fact that the macros trigger via BTT with a keyboard shortcut proves that the macros are indeed enabled and functional.
What could I be doing wrong or it there a problem with BTT→ KBM ?
thanks in advance for your time and help

Hi Ronald,

Don't know if this is one of the methods, but I've been using this script many times each day and never had any issues. Hope it helps:)


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thank you very much @Daniel_Coffee