Can someone with a Retina Display do a quick test for me?

I need someone with a Retina display to select a macro (it can be an empty macro), do a Copy as Image, and post the results here.

I want to see whether it’s the same basic size and resolution as on a non-Retina display, and if it isn’t, I need to play with the image until I learn the differences.


###Screenshot (using KM Copy as Image) on my MBP-15R, internal retina screen:

###Same image on my MBP-15R, but on an external screen:

I don't see any difference.

OK, cool, thanks. I actually wanted the top portion of the Macro, but if they look the same to you, that’s good enough for me.


OK, here you go, from the Retina screen:

Interesting! The image is the same relative size, but some of the lines are darker. I think it will be OK for what I’m doing, though.