Can the keyboard maestro makes the mouse select some lines of the paragraph?

Can the keyboard maestro makes the mouse select some lines of the paragraph, for example, I have a long paragraph and I just want to select only the first three lines of the paragraph? As you can see in the picture.

Thank you very much, guys

Based on your screenshot, it looks those are "paragraphs", not lines.
A CR/LF creates/starts a paragraph.

If so, then it is just some simple Type a Keystroke actions for:

⌥↑   -- go to start of paragraph you are in.
⌥⇧↓  -- repeat 3 times.  Selects all of paragraph from current cursor position.
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I really appreciate your help and quick answer and yes you are right they are not lines. it is a paragraph so I want the mouse click from the beginning of the paragraph and then drag to the end of the paragraph. Have a look at the picture I did try but didn't work.

No, that is incorrect. You need to do as I instructed above:

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Oh okay thank you very much

@JMichaelTX’s solution should be more reliable and faster than attempting mouse actions.

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Sorry, what do you mean? and I'm a new this amazing software :slight_smile:

The keyboard commands seem to depend on the application. But three mouse clicks at the current mouse position do select a paragraph. Try this on for size:

Select Paragraph with Clicks.kmmacros (2.5 KB)

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I have not observed that. Which apps have you found that don't support the standard macOS shortcuts for cursor movement and text selection?

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InDesign, for one.

But I tried your Option-Up to get to the beginning of the paragraph the cursor is in and it went to the first line of the document in BBEdit, a few paragraphs up (or I would have just implemented your solution). Option-Shift-Down did work as described, however.

I see the same behavior in BBEdit (don't have InDesign), so it clear now that this shortcut (Option-UpArrow and Option-DownArrow) are app dependent.
They do work in TextEdit and Evernote.

Yes, that always seems to work. However, the mouse pointer may not be, and usually is not, located where the text cursor is located. So unfortunately that can't be relied upon.

I'm thinking that the macro will need to use a Switch or Case action based on Front Application Name Token to use the proper keystrokes for the apps that deviate from the standard.


After a quick search, I could not determine the proper keystroke for BBEdit. More research is required.

Thank you sooo much guys and I always appreciate your help and this is my favourite software actually. I use it every single day and my boss so happy I'll always finish my work so quickly lol and I wish I knew this software loooooong time ago lol and if there was in a french language then it will be 10/10 lol

It's so funny, I always go to work and doing nothing, I just make a macro in keyboard maestro and then I watch my computer screen and smiling and my boss asked me many times what is going on and why are not working? I say I'm done and then he keeps giving me more work and I always win with this software and he got mad and he doesn't know what is going on? lol