Can we disable all macros temporarily while specific macro is running?

I have two types of Macros.

Macro type A: These macros get triggered on specific time of the day. When they trigger, they need user input which automatically shifts focus to the pop up window.

Macro type B: These are the macros that have keystroke and click actions.

I am concerned what if, certain macro A triggers while macro B is running. And as macro A has input focus, macro B might input something into macro A.

So can I possibly disable all Macro A while I'm running any macro B?

Not easily.

Macros of type A could start with a Pause Until action that pauses until the ExecutingInstances token does not contain a comma, which would imply that only one macro was executing (being the time triggered macro.

Of course, your finger might already be half way through pressing a trigger key at that point, so it's not really foolproof. But your timed macros could then display an alert (perhaps using the Display Text action’s Big Text variant), and then check again that it is the only macro running, and by that point you would have time to stop typing.

You gave me an idea.

I am new to KM (also from non-technical background) and pause until action is new to me. I was exploring the various option in it and this idea popped into my mind.

I could use pause until macro group B is active (Please correct me if I'm wrong or missing something).

I'll have to put this condition to all my Macro A and make sure all my Macro B are all in one place, in a separate folder.

The macro group will be active when it is enabled and the conditions as set in the macro group are met.

Just so we are clear, it has nothing to do with whether any macros are executing.

A macro can be triggered if it is active, and a macro is active if it is enabled and within a macro group that is active, and a macro group is active if it is enabled and its conditions are met.

So a macro group being active simply means that the macros it contains can potentially be triggered.

Thanks for letting me know

Although I am not very clear about how exactly it works but I'll try your first solution and see how it works.

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