Can we do tcp request in keyboard maestro?

we are using a videohub device. and we want to use computer to control to the device. we send email to the product company. the reply is only this line:

The Videohub Ethernet Protocol uses a TCP connection via port 9990.

i search the Internet, we need to do tcp connection request. some article says we can use node-red. but we can't figure out how to do it. we are all not programmers. nobody knows how to do this. but we have a lot of experience on using keyboard maestro to do http request. they looks similar. so i ask question here, hope some one can give us some info of how to do it. even give us a direction can be very helpful.


Yes and no.

Basically, you can use Keyboard Maestro to get a web resource, or to run a script, and the script can communication via TCP, but Keyboard Maestro does not have direct support for a TCP channel.

The protocol looks relatively straight forward, but it would likely require writing a script to handle it or alternatively finding a command line tool that someone has made for controlling the device.

You can use the command nc to connect to the device:

nc DEVICEIP 9990

You can probably send a command just with something like:

But for more complex interactions you probably need to write a script.

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really exciting to see your reply.
looks like you know what I'm doing. and you know this videohub thing.
i will learn the nc command.
for now, i am trying to use km python script and socket and python to do this work.
my question is that if it's easy to do in KM, why i can't find any posts on this topic in this forum.

I'll come back when i success.
many thanks

Not really, no, I just found the documentation online and the protocol is relatively simple.

It's relatively rare to have to handle the protocol yourself. Usually there will be a commandline tool or pre-written script that handles the protocol, and then you just call that tool and it does the communication.

I’m also trying to accomplish this to send TCP commands to my Global Cache WI2IR devices from KM. Using your guide as a template (screenshot below) doesn’t seem to be working. Have I missed something?

my keyboard maestro solution was dropped. so i can't have an opportunity to test peternlewis's method on my device. so i can't say it works in my case. i ll keep trying.
And it looks like tcp request is sure necessary to KM.