Can we Trigger a KM macro with Voice/Speech?

In IOS, you can speak to Siri and it can trigger an IOS shortcut.

Is there some way on the Mac, that we can speak and something in the Mac can trigger a keyboard Maestro macro?

Hi @dealtek, thanks @kcwhat there is a video tutorial on this:

@dealtek If you are interested, you could also run a Keyboard Maestro macro via an iOS Siri shortcut on the Mac.

I always do this with an SSH script. It's actually very easy to create. Here is an example of how I activate a scan via the Finder:

wow appleianer - That is great i will give it a try - thanks!

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Hey great tutorial but I'm struggling to be able to make this work. My computer isn't recognizing the KMtrigger and doesn't know which application to use.

Any advice? It seems to work for '' or other regular website URLs but not Keyboard Maestro links.

Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 13.10.44

Why is your "Or by URL" empty?

It would be nice to have voice triggers in version 10 ? Thoughts @peternlewis

It should not be. The most common cause of messed up displays in the Keyboard Maestro editor windows is having XtraFinder installed.

Basic mistake. I didn't move the keyboard maestro into applications and there was errors as a result.

Everything working now.

I feel so basic.

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Probably caused by Translocation. Keyboard Maestro itself does not care where it is located on the harddisk.