Can You Check How Many Times You've Logged in to a User Account?

Not a big deal if not, but it seems like a fun statistic and I thought KBM might be able to do this.

Hey Odin,

This is a scripting question rather than a Keyboard Maestro question.

Keyboard Maestro itself will not do the job, but if you can find a Unix script that can KM can run it for you.


Alright, thank you!

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For fun I thought I'd try this:

and it seems to keep a running total of the number of logins for me, as the only user on this Mac.

Presumably, you could somehow modify it to recognise the username and update the total on a per-user basis?

Food for thought perhaps?

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You can run the Unix command who to discover who's logged in.


Hey Guys,

What I was looking for the other day and couldn't find:

UNIX / Linux List Current Logged In Users

The Unix command last will give a pretty good history list. Mine goes back to January.


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