Cancel a hotkey-triggered macro with a hotkey

I'm trying to cancel the entire macro if I hit ESC, and have tried all of the options under Cancel This Macro. ESC stops the Execute Applescript block, but then continues on to the next block (pause for 3 sec). I want the cancel (hitting ESC) to apply to the entire group.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

This won’t work because when the group starts the If…Then conditional has already passed. (The macro is already in the “otherwise” branch.)

You could make a second macro with only a Cancel All Other Macros action.

It could also work to wrap the actions in a While action. (While the Escape key is not down…) — Not tested.

Or, most simple: Hold down all 4 modifier keys and click the KM menu bar icon.

Not exactly what you asked for, but this works:

Pretend this is your looping macro:

When you want to terminate the looping macro, trigger a macro like this one:

Dan you’ve got me thinking here. I am wondering if I should add a “Prompt For Input” action to my bank statements Macros. Seem like a handy little action.