Cancel Macro Not Working

Hi, I am having some trouble with this macro.

It works sometimes, but not always. Why could this be happening?

What Macro Group do you have it in?
It needs to be in a group with global access (all apps, always activated).

I had it in this...

It works perfectly now. Thank you!

I have a hotkey to cancel all macros, and I never disable or deactivate it. I only end up using it every once in a while, but when I need it, it’s essential. I think everyone should have a “panic” button for macros.

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Agree: a “panic” button.

Handy to have trigger in Status Menu, too.


For me that’s:


It’s a keyboard shortcut I won’t ever hit by accident – is mnemonic – and is quick to access.

I also use the Iconaholic Loud Status Menu Icon, so it’s UNMISTAKABLE that Keyboard Maestro is running.

At least once this combination has saved me from doing major damage to my system.

I had been editing an often used macro and was interrupted several times that day.

When I got back to my computer I reflexively hit the keyboard shortcut for the macro (which normally was benign).

It was really one of those “OH, CRAP!” moments when I saw the Keyboard Maestro status menu blinking at me and slammed the panic button.

If I hadn’t quickly caught-on to the problem it I would have wiped out my entire $HOME folder.

Normally I have checks that prevent untoward things like that from happening.

Normally I would have disabled that macro before leaving the computer.

But it was one of those days, and the panic button really saved my bacon.


One has to wonder what kind of macros gives KM the power to do that. :joy:

Hey Matt,

All manner of scripts can completely destroy your system.

For safety Keyboard Maestro’s own Delete a File action won’t delete folders.


Noted. Don’t think I’ll be messing around with scripts that delete files until I’m more experienced.

That’s wise.

A small syntax error can give you a very bad day…


Don’t forget that holding all the modifiers (Command,Control,Shift,Option) and clicking the Keyboard Maestro status icon will cancel all macros as well.