Cancel Specific Macro


im working on making a macro that would quit Outlook after being deactivated a certain amount of time, 3 min. But would cancel the timer if activated.

I was thinking I could make a counter macro to this one that would cancel the macro with a timer, the trigger being if Outlook was activated again.

But i cant find the cancel specific macro. Anyone with a solution for me?


There isn't a specific action to do this, but let's talk about your specific goal. Here's one idea:

Three macros.

This first macro will close Outlook after 3 minutes. It also deactivates itself. This macro starts out deactivated.

This second macro triggers when Outlook is deactivated. It enables the first macro.

This third macro disables the first macro whenever Outlook is activated or terminated.

You might have to think about this a few moments. If you need help, let me know.