Cancel This Macro with Repeat active

I have a repeat loop with many mouse movements and clicks. I have needed to cancel the macro because an app within the loop screws up once in a while. But, all the standard methods for canceling the macro require a mouse movement and a mouse click. The mouse movements in the repeat loop are too fast for me to move the mouse to any target. Is there an alternate method to cancel the macro when it's caught in a loop?

It is always worth having a "Cancel All Macros" Macro set up. In my case I use this, in the Global Macros Group and have the hotkey ⌃⌥⌘Escape (but you can set any hotkey you like). Pressing the hotkey will cancel all running Macros. Very useful if any get stuck in a loop.

Cancel All Macros.kmmacros (12.1 KB)

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