Cannot figure out how to actually be in a document

Hello, I created a macro to open a label (for my PTouch labelmaker) and it works fine, except that I just end up with the label window in the foreground, but I am not within the label itself. I have to click on text in the label to start writing. I would like to be 'within the label', so I can add actions to Cmd-A then delete to delete the leftover text from the previous time I used the label, and create a new blank label.
thanks very much

@Ronald -

This is an old topic, but you never got any replies, so I’ll bump it up.

I’m sure it is a common need; not just for “P-touch”, but similar edit windows in other programs, too.

Have you tried the action, “Click at found image”?

thank you Mark. I tried Click found image, but it fails too often.
I just do I manually.
thanks again

Did you try to find out what your required field is via

I will look into it. thank you very much !