Cannot find text value in a clipboard

Something screwy is going on with a macro and I cannot work it out.

I have a load of Rich Text content that I copy from an editor, and I place that in a clipboard.

I can see that content is in the named clipboard in the Preferences: Clipboards window. I know it's there because I later user that clipboard to write out to a file.

HOWEVER, I want to check for the presence of a line of text in that clipboard. If it is not there, I stop the macro. But I cannot find that text.

I am using an if statement with a clipboard condition "if named clipboard contains 'x' then do y"

As it was never finding it, I thought maybe I needed to do the comparison with a plain text version of that text. So I tried applying some filters (get the clipboard, apply filter, save out to a temp variable). Still no joy.

Here's where it gets strange. I just tried to run the first filter (which retrieves from clipboard) and it thinks there is nothing in the clipboard. My eyes say otherwise:

In the image above you can see that there is a block of text (had to anonymise) and the line I am seeking is in there. But if I run that first filter macro, it fails. Any ideas why ? I KNOW that clipboard has contents in there, but that macro says 'nope'

filter.kmmacros (12.3 KB)

this might help. copy your text into the first action. otherwise upload your full macro with test data for us to look at.