Cannot Select Menu Item: Edit>Convert Case>Upper Case in Sublime Text 3

As title suggests, using the select or show menu item action: it can't find the 'Upper Case' or 'Lower case' items. It can find and select the other options in that menu eg. 'Title Case' or 'Swap Case'.

The only difference I can see is these items have default keyboard shortcuts in Sublime text: CMD+K or CMD+U. Any suggestions?

I would bypass the menu item completely and use the KM Filter System Clipboard to do the heavy lifting for this. You can make your macros for this Global (which I do) so that the keypresses are available across multiple programs. Very handy to be able to use it in Mail, Word, Pages, Text Edit, VSCode, InDesign, and on the Internet.

For the KM macros I use, basically the process is to apply the Filter to whatever text you have selected. It will be copied to the clipboard, the filter applied to it, and then pasted over the selected text in whatever case you want (UPPERCASE, lowercase, Title Case, Sentence case, etc) depending on the trigger you use. I use the triple cntrl+cmd+opt+[your preferred key, e.g., U for UPPERCASE, L for lowercase, T for Title Case, and S for Sentence case]. It works really well for me and I use it almost daily (even in this post). There are many other filter options to explore that are pretty amazing.

Make UPPERCASE.kmmacros (3.4 KB)

What do you mean “can’t find” - in the editor in the popup menu in the action; or in the Engine when you run the action (in which case, can the editor see the menus in the action popup menu?).

Menus can be dynamically enabled or created so that can affect what menus are available. They are often not updated unless the menu is selected. Also menu names can often change for many reasons, so make very sure the menu name is what you expect it to be when the action if failing.

Hi Peter,

KM can find the menu item when creating the macro:

But when I run the macro I get an error:

But it works fine for the other Options: Swap Case, Title Case etc.

Thanks @Rocadero . Yes, I use the filters elsewhere in my workflow and this is a good workaround. I'm just bamboozled as to why these specific menu options don't work!?

I'm afraid I don't know what the issue might be. It could be an issue with how the accessibility information is done, but I don't really know.

Perhaps someone else who uses Sublime Text could see if they have the same issue. Or you could try looking at the accessibility info for the menus.