Cannot select text

I am attempting to select text. I can do so with my keyboard by placing the cursor at the start of the string of text I wish to select and then press and hold Option Shift and then right arrow 8 times and then release Option Shift. This selects the text I need.

In KM I try to do this by:

Will execute the following actions:

Press and hold the shift modifier (Option and Shift selected)

Type the right arrow keystroke (this action is listed a further 7 times to equal 8 in total)

Release the shift modifier (Option and Shift selected).

The above does the following: Moves the cursor 8 digits to the right and selects nothing. There is a further step in my macro and that is to copy the selected text. I also get an error message as follows:

" Action 1964 timeout exceeded. Macro "type modifiers" cancelled (while executing Copy)."

I'm afraid I have no idea what this means.

I cannot work out how to achieve selection of text with KM and appreciate any help.

As far as the Mac is concerned, you are actually pressing โŒฅโ‡งโ†’ eight times. And you can replicate that exactly in Keyboard Maestro like this:
Example Select Text.kmactions (909 Bytes)

Thank you Zabobon. That solves it and no error message.

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