Cannot "Submit" Bright House to Log In

I have been able to automate several macros to automate downloading bills and statements, so I’m sure I know the basics of doing this. However, I cannot find any way to “submit” the Bright House form to log in. It is at URL:

Using the KB popup only 3 choices come up for the form to submit. I’ve tried all 3. While the screen looks like it is doing something, it simply comes back to the same place. (BTW, I am stepping through the macro with the debugger so I know what’s going on up to then)

I am 100% sure my name and password are correct as the form “submits” if I click the Sign In button. I’ve also tried to press the Sign In button or to click the Sign In “link”. Again, the screen looks like it is doing something, but then never logs me in. Can anyone tell me how to log in to this site with KM?



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Hey Stuart,

You didn't post the macro or say what action you were using, so we can't see where you might have gone wrong.

Using a Set-Safari-Field-to-Text Action I find 5 links on the web page you provided.

The attached macro fills the sign-in form and submits it — although I don't have log-in credentials and therefore cannot confirm it finishes successfully.


Safari Log-In » (3.2 KB)

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I don’t know how to post my actions like you di, but I can’t send them all without showing my username and password.

In any event, I tried submitting:




Those are the only 3 that come up from the Safari drop down and none worked.

I also tried to click the Link “Sign In” as you showed. That didn’t work either.

I’m sure I’m putting in my correct username and password as I sign in if I manually click the sign in button

Submitting form document.forms["Form1"] should work:

@ccstone used Click Link, which should also work.

Hey Stuart,

What version of Keyboard Maestro are you using?

On what version of OSX?

What browser are you using?

In the macro posted I used a 'Set Safari Field to Text' Action — not a 'Submit Safari Form' Action — and this is why I found 5 fields instead of 3.

As for posting information on the forum:

* You can drag-and-drop images, macro files, zip archives, and links into the KM-Forum-Editor.

* Keyboard Maestro 7 has the new ability to submit macros and images of macros to the Forum. It does this to a new topic, but you can simple copy what is sent to the forum — dismiss the new topic — and copy into the relevant topic.

* We will provide a tutorial on how to do this soon.

As for preventing your username and password from getting out there — all you have to do is make a duplicate of your macro — change those items — and post the duplicate instead of the original.