Cannot Trigger Basic iTunes Macros unless computer is restarted

Can’t make alias "/Users/brianamartin/Library/iTunes/Scripts/Multi-Item" into type file. (error -1700)

So this Marco is as simple as selecting a iTunes Script from the Scripts menu in iTunes. But I am getting this error after the computer has been running for about an hour. It happens with a few other Marcos that actually do trigger AppleScripts. However, everything runs as expected after I reset the computer. I am just growing tired of restarting the computer 4 to 5 times a day now.

Hey Brian,

If you fork an issue that already has received replies elsewhere, you should mention this and provide a link to the other thread.

This way people can get the whole picture and they can also see which troubleshooting solutions have already been tried or proposed.

Tom great idea.

The issue seems to be related to the issue I have in this post.

It appeared to be a OS issue or version of KM as I have done a clean OS install and re-installed KM and I haven't had the issue.