Can't automate Screenflow

In Metagrid I have created a page that works together with Screenflow. On this page I have a button, that executes a KM macro, selecting the Publish to Dropbox menu in Screenflow, but it doesn't work. Even if it's executed by a hot key. KM doesn't respond at all. Why?
Something to do with Screenflow?

It's unlikely that many of us use a combination of Metagrid and Screenflow, and we haven't seen your macro. Please read the very helpful guide at Using the Keyboard Maestro Forum and then get back to us all.

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I use Keyboard Maestro (duh, hourly), and Screenflow (at least weekly), and I've spent 3 years trying to make MetaGrid (0.9, 1.0, 2.0, Pro, etc.) a useable tool for myself. I would be happy to try to help.

(Full disclosure: I gave up on MetaGrid and moved to Elgato Streamdeck Virtual about 5 months ago.)

I use Metagrid all the time, I'm a betatester and it works fine in all constellations.
I can't imagine that Metagrid is the problem, because even with a direct trigger KM rather often doesn't work. Right now it works, so I will return with a Q if the problems comes back.

I'm glad it's working. I just meant I'm one of the few that @kevinb mentioned: someone who combines KM, Screenflow, and, until recently, MetaGrid. I can try testing your Screenflow macros to help troubleshoot problems, even without MetaGrid.

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