Can't call up palettes

I can’t call up palettes any more. All my macros seem to be working fine. Now I cant see even the global paletted. I’ve tried calling them up from my usual hotkeys and also the menubar. The only thing changed is that I have updated flash. I’ve since uninstalled flash completely but still no palettes. Any suggestions?

Running Yosemite 10.10.1 and latest KM

Actually scrub that. Working OK now, Something was clashing on my login items. Stopped them all and now working fine.

Specifically this is an interaction with Albert. If I call up keyboardmaestro for the first time using the ‘km’ keyword in Albert then I lose the ability to call up palettes. If I use spotlight to launch keyboard maestro, I then have no problems using the KM keyword.

So is that a keyboardmaestro bug or an albert bug?

No idea.

Is the Keyboard Maestro Engine already running?

If you launch the Keyboard Maestro Engine “hidden” (which you can do with the Login Items if you check the hidden box), then palettes will not be shown. Modern versions of Keyboard Maestro actually detect this case and clear the hidden checkbox so it generally can’t happen any more. But if Alfred managed to launch the Keyboard Maestro Engine hidden that would definitely cause the problem.

That sounds logical. I’d removed KM from my startup items a couple of days ago because I was having major problems with Yosemite (turned out to be a Logitech program in startup that was causing the problems). Which meant I was calling up KM with Albert hence the problem. I’ll put KM back in startup so no problem any more.