Can't Change Creation Date

Hi -- I'm trying to change a file's creation date to an earlier date. No luck.

Here's an image from one of many test-cases -- all of which have failed to work.

Thanks for any ideas as to what might be going wrong.

If you read the topic Text Fields in Keyboard Maestro, it explains about text fields and numeric fields.

The to field here is an unusual field in that it can be either a text field or a numeric field depending on what attribute you are settings, but in this case it is a numeric field (because creation dates are numbers in seconds since 1970).

Therefore you specify a variable just with the variable name “fileDate” not with a text token.

Hi Peter,

That’s great information – thank you. I thought it must be something simple I was overlooking.

(And many apologies for the radio silence until now.)

Best, Sam.