Can't click on button in CleanMyMacX

I am trying to get a macro to run in CleanMyMac X and am stumped at a step where I want to click on a what I think is a button. I have tried "Press Button", "Move or click mouse" to no avail. Anyone have any suggestion of how to do this! I wan to click on the first button "Free Up RAM"

Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 16.46.22|690x410

Hi @Geoffrey, here is my solution for your request:

Since I use a German macOS, you may have to adjust the entries (red arrows) on your end.

Here is the macro:

Free up Ram <1453 210217T173140>.kmmacros (5,3 KB)

... and here in action:


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Fantastic. That works like a charm. Thank you appleianer

@Geoffrey I'm glad I could help you.

To save myself shortcuts, I create an action in Launchbar 6 using the KM AppleScript.

I only need one trigger (Launchbar 6) and everything else I execute with the name of the KM macro :wink:
I'm sure this works in Alfred or you make up a conflict palette in KM.

Here my regular update search in CleanMyMac X:


uCleanMyMac <1971 210217T180115>.kmmacros (23,6 KB)