Can't Enter KM Hotkeys After Mojave Upgrade

I recently sent my laptop to Apple for repair and was happy that they basically gave me a brand new one, because it had been repaired multiple times for the same issue. The downside was that it came with the current Mojave OS on it, forcing me to upgrade. (I'd been sticking with the previous version, 10.13.)

In Mojave, I learned the definition of confusion as everything related to KM and scripting in general needed to be manually enabled, and every time a script played for the first time, I had to grant permission for this script to open Photoshop, or control the Finder, or whatever. Not a big problem, just unpleasant.

For some reason, though, I can't get a couple of functions to work at all. One is my script that types page up/down if I hit F1/F2, which I find very convenient. When I tried to delete the script and remake it, I find I can't even type any key for the "this hot is [type] is pressed." I'm unable to enter any keypress into this field currently.

I do have everything turned on in Accessibility. I also read that Applescripts that type keypressed were being blocked, and that deleting and re-adding Script Editor would make this start working again, which I did (and Applescripts that type keypresses started working again). This new problem, several of my keyboard based scripts stopping to work and me being unable to re-create them, seems new.

Hopefully some know of a workaround to these problems.


Some versions of macOS may force you to go into the system preferences and add or remove the FN key as the default for the function keys. You think you're hitting F1 but until you change that setting you are pressing Screen Dim instead. That's my 2 cents for the moment.

Thanks, Sleepy, will check that. But KM seems to sense the F1 key properly, it's just refusing (on my iMac) to perform the actual simulated keypress. Interestingly, there are no issues on my Macbook Pro.

Been checking the other threads about the issues with Mojave. I will experiment and post more here.

Okay, then I have another idea. You already have some macro that's triggering when you press F1 or F2. And thus the KM editor is unable to grab it. If you stop the Engine, then try, that may solve your problem.

whew I finally got it working. I basically tried all the moves in the other thread, i.e. turning off and on access, but what seemed to fix it for me was, quitting KM and KM Engine, deleting KM's app, downloading a fresh copy, restarting, and launching. Seems smooth sailing now.

Wow. That's like bulldozing down a house when the garage door isn't working. (Well, that's my attempt at a funny metaphor.) Good job.