Can't get Cmd-T as a hot key

I want to use Cmd-T as a keyboard shortcut in Safari to override default behavior, but putting typing Cmd-T in KM brings up Fonts window.

What I'm trying to implement.

How hard can this be? Too hard for me!

Hey @KBM,

Be sure to click in the HotKey Field of the Hot Key Trigger, so it is highlighted.

If you can't get it to highlight then something is off about your system.

With the highlight the HotKey is easily set.

Without the highlight you get the font-picker.


I get the highlight. A video showing what happens. I'm typing Cmd-T during the video. The Font picker shows up near the bottom of the screen.

Update: This works as it should on my iMac with High Sierra. The problem is on my MBP with just installed Mojave. The iMac was a clean install a few months ago. The late 2013 MBP may have never had a clean install in five years—that's why I started over with the new iMac. Since I'm sharing KM the problem is solved for now. Glad to find KM should work as I expected.

Wild guess here but have you given KM the appropriate permissions for Accessibility?

@johns Both the app and the engine are enabled.

Got nothing then.

One other thing I find odd is that the ⌘+T isn't even the normal shortcut for bringing up the fonts panel.. it's supposed to be ⌘+⌃+T. Also, you have focus in the window... and that should almost certainly work.

Good luck

If you are in Mojave, try toggling the permissions off and on again - upgraded accessibility permissions can show as enabled when they are not.

If you choose a different hot key, does that work - is the issue specific to ⌘T, or does it fail to set the hot key for any choice? If the latter, accessibility is almost certainly the culprit. If the former, then it is likely something else has already stolen the ⌘T key (maybe another macro program?).

Thank you Peter. Toggling permissions did the trick. I also toggled KM engine while toggling permissions to be sure. I had looked already for other macro programs (even though I thought I had removed old ones) and also had looked for System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts.

⌘T is for the fonts panel