Can't get Edit ⇒ Copy ⇒ Games... to work in a macro for HiArcs

Here's a video explaining what I want to do and the simple macro I think should do the trick.

Snagit Video

I don't seem to understand "Select or Show a Menu Item" at all.

I can't see anything obviously wrong with your action, but I'm notorious for missing the obvious. :smile:

The first thing I'd try is to see if the program allows you to assign your own shortcut keys to menu items. If it does, assign a shortcut key to that menu item, and see if "Type a keystroke" works.

If not, it's possible that the menu item doesn't get enabled until the menu actually opens up. I don't know if KM's action handles this or not.

This may be a silly way to go about this, but here's what I would try:

First, I'd have the action just show the Edit menu (the top-level menu). Then I'd use "Type a keystroke" actions to navigate to the menu item you want. You might need to do this by hand so you can see what keystrokes you'll need to use.

I hope this makes sense. If this is actually the problem, I'd think there would be other threads on the subject, although I'm not sure what to search the forum for.

Thanks for trying to help. I don't understand why Show turns into Select in the Action (spontaneously? because I add submenus?), and I don't understand why my attempted macro didn't work, but I think your keystroke idea should work. If so the strokes should be :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_right::arrow_down::arrow_down:⮐. I'm not sure how to put that in a macro, but I'll try it.

Ah! I didn't realize KM exposed the app's menus to me. When I enter it that way, the macro works.

Glad it worked! If my post helped, set it as the answer, so other people know your question's been answered. And I love how you're using KM in this application. It's one of the ways I really appreciate KM. Nothing that I can't do myself manually, but it's sure nice to be able to just click a button!

I didn't use your method. The new video explains it. Oops, I probably overwrote the original video explaining the problem! Still, here is a solution.

Problem Solution

That's cool - click your own post as the solution. And if I'm not mistaken, the reason it didn't work when you entered it by hand is that you probably left out the "..." after "Games".

No, I didn't leave it out.

Here's the original video.

the problem

I see no difference in the two macros. I entered the first version several times to no avail, so I don't think I added an extra space or anything like that; I could do that once, but not three times. Can I get KM to show invisibles, by the way?

The three "..." aren't really periods - they're a single "ellipsis" character. In other words:

Three periods: ...

One ellipsis: …

They may look the same, but they're not.

I agree. That’s the problem. I’ll have to remember that in future, but using the visual menu choice method is better.

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