Can't Get Press a Button to Work

I am trying to get Press Button to work with an app called Notion. I want it to press a button on a page named “+ New”. I have tried various combinations of “+New,” “+ New,” and simply “New.” However, None seem to work. Is this because the button isn’t in a dialog box? Does anyone have an alternative suggestion for clicking on this button? Thanks.

Try it like here with the action "Click at Found Image" @michaelhyatt. Then it works :wink:
New.kmmacros (11,0 KB)


This could happen if the text of the button is not exactly as it appears. The "+" could be a special character.

You might try this cool tool by @ccstone to identify the exact text of the button:
Front Window Analysis Tool for System Events

Is the same command available as one of the app's menu items?
If so, then you could use Select or Show a Menu Item action.

That sounds like a much more elegant solution. However, I can't get it to work. I imported your Macro and nothing happens.

Please excuse the misunderstanding @michaelhyatt.
The macro will not work if you close Notion and then trigger the macro.
I only made it this way for demonstration purposes. Important is only the action "Click at Found Image". You have to include it in your workflow for "+ New".
If the action does not work for you, please make a new screenshot of the button "+ New" and use it.

Can you describe to me how your whole macro should look like (screenshot) and what you want to achieve with it?
Maybe I can create a complete process for you.

Thanks for your help. This is what I want to create. It just doesn't seem to be finding the button.

Do I understand you correctly @michaelhyatt that Notion is closed and you want to open the app with your shortcut to create a new task?
I'll build you something :wink:

No, Notion is open. I just need to jump to it as per the screenshot above. Thanks!

Unfortunately, there is not an app menu to invoke this. It's too bad.

I tried the Front Window Analysis Tool, but I'm afraid it didn't give me any usable information. Thanks.

I think I just figured it out. In the Found Image action I changed “in all screens” to “in front window.” Now it seems to be working. Thanks!

Here's my suggestion for you @michaelhyatt:

Add Task to Notion.kmmacros (11,8 KB)


When I called "Master Task List", no "+ New Button" was displayed, so I took the generic term "Notes & Drafts".
Also important are always small pauses between the actions, so that the macro does not hang.

As a tip, if you want to use several different actions/macros in one app with only one shortcut, create a macro group that only works in the app (here Notion).
There you can add as many actions/macros as you like and get a conflict palette.
In this video you can see how I work with KM:



Wow! That is amazing. I'm going to have to study that to get my head around it. Thanks so much!


I'm glad I could help. If you have further questions... then always bring them to :wink:

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Super helpful even now!

In case anyone is looking you can now skip the Cmd-P ... search steps and simply get the URL to the current view within a database and get KM to open it via the "Open URL" action.

Just make sure to replace "https" with "notion" (as per the article below) in order to have the link open in the notion app and not a web browser.

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