Can't get Press and Hold Modifier to work with Discord

I'm trying to get KM to perform the action of holding down my push-to-talk button (ctrl) for a set period of time within the app Discord. for some reason, discord doesn't want to recognize that the key is being held... does anyone know if this kind of thing just doesn't work with some apps?

First, remember that Keyboard Maestro will release any held down key when the macro ends, so a macro that just does:

  • Press and Hold the Control Key

and then ends will not accomplish anyway. The macro must continue running for the key to stay held down.

Next, yes, some applications will not be looking at the event queue, and will instead sample the hardware more directly. There is not much you can do about that.

Thanks. Yeah, I think Discord must access the keyboard directly as you say. It works fine for other apps but Discord just ignores it. Thanks for the info!