Can't get rid of "Press Run to run this script..." message

I’m using Script Editor to create AppleScript "dummy apps" for Stream Deck profile switching, but when KM activates them, I get the "Press Run to run this script..." pop-up, even though "Show startup screen" is unchecked when I save the script as an application.

The script just consists of:
-- this app does nothing!

However, the dummy app activates, even before I click "Run" in the pop-up, because the SD profiles changes.

Is there something else I need to do to stop this pop-up from interrupting my profile switching?

What happens if you launch one of those apps in Finder?


Change your hot key trigger so it doesn't use the ⌃ key -- that's what's triggering the dialog. If you must use ⌃, start your macro with a "Pause" action so there's time for the key to be released.

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TIL about Control key interaction with script app launches.


That was it. The hotkey I was using for testing included Ctrl. When it’s all set up, I’ll be using Stream Deck buttons to launch Keyboard Maestro macros, so it was just my testing procedure.


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