Can't Get the Keyboard Maestro Engine to Start

I can't get the KM engine to start now. There is no information in either of the KM log files telling me anything about why it's failing. The KM Editor works fine.

What was I doing that triggered this? Well, I was trying to figure out how to get the Send iMessage action to work. It was always hanging in the Engine when I ran it. It didn't fail, it just never stopped running. So to fix this I was poking around in the System Preferences privacy pages and might have done something wrong. I was getting desperate, and I'm not afraid to experiment, so I found a page on this website that says I can try this: "tccutil reset Accessibility" so I tried that and now I can't even start the engine. I'm fully prepared to reinstall KM if that's recommended. Any tips?

P.S. Why does the Contacts pane in the Privacy Pane of the Security and Privacy page in System Preferences not have a "+" button to allow me to enter the KM Engine in that pane? How else am I supposed to add programs to that pane?

P.S. I'm on Monterey 12.1 and using the latest KM. I'm going to get some groceries now, so I'll be back in an hour or two.

I came back from groceries, tried restarting KM Engine, and it worked. I didn't even change anything, nor did I reboot. What magic is this?

Hey @Sleepy,

Apple gutted Messages' AppleScript dictionary somewhere around Catalina, and it seems to me this broke Keyboard Maestro's Message action.

Drop Messages on the Script, and examine the sdef.


Yes, okay, I opened Messages with Script Editor and found a bunch of mostly random garbage. If that's the sdef, I get your point. Thanks.

I reread the wiki page for Messages just now and found that it does say that the KM Message actions are broken, which I did read earlier this week, but yesterday I figured I was misreading that because the rest of the wiki article still exists. If it has been totally broken for years maybe it's time for the wiki to lead with the fact that it's broken and not describe it's broken state in a "Note."