Can't Import KMMacros Files

I’m trying to install the MD macros from here, but Keyboard Maestro says to each “Cannot Import Macro File: The Macro File you selected is of an unknown format.” I get the error using File > Import Macros, double-clicking the .kmmacros files, and dragging and dropping onto the KM dock icon.

Are those macros all corrupt? If it’s simply a file version change, how do I convert the old .kmmacros files to something KM 7.1.1 will open?

I expect you’re not downloading it properly - and in all honesty I couldn’t figure out how to download the raw files myself in any easy manner. You can download the files using this command in the Terminal:

svn co

And the downloaded file opening and imported into Keyboard Maestro without any issues for me.

Thanks, Peter.

That did it.