Can't insert text in KM from palette

I have this palette :

And inside I have this macro :

So what I wish is to activate this palette whilst in KM, press A and the text there gets inserted.

However it does not do that?

Is there a way to make palettes work inside KM?

It should work. Did you resolve your issue?

I did not. It does not work.

I think KM blocks the expansion since the expansion is a custom expansion by KM. I just want to insert that text from the palette.

You can’t use a Typed String Trigger to enter text into another KM Macro when it is running, but you should be able to at least type text. I do this all them from a macro that has a hotkey trigger.

Change your action from “by pasting” to “by typing”

Does not work for me even with typing it :frowning:

I think you need to turn OFF processing of tokens in the Insert Action.
After I did that, it worked for me.


Sweet. You are right, it worked. :confetti_ball:

Thank you.