Can't record HyperKey Trigger Sequence

Hi, folks. I'm clearly doing something wrong here, but using KM 9.2, I can't seem to record the Hyperkey combination (which is implemented through BetterTouchTool).

I can record the trigger sequence control-alt-command-letter, but when I add the shift to the combination KM doesn't seem to see it.

I have no issue in using the combination of the four keys to record a hotkey trigger.

I have no problem either in using the hyper key that I set in Karabiner Elements. If you already have a hyper key configured, you should be able to use it to set a hotkey trigger directly.

Yeah, it's strange. I just totally killed and re-started KM thinking it might be a bug, but still nothing.

KM doesn't seem to recognize me recording the trigger or when trying to send it via the Type a Keystroke action.

Have you tried to record hotkey with Shift alone + another key?
Maybe the issue is with the Shift key.

Yep, good thought @Martin. Thanks. I discovered the problem and, of course, it was something dumb I was doing. The hotkey sequence (Hyperkey+O) was being "eaten" by BetterTouchTool, where I had previously configured it. I shouldn't be doing keyboard sequences in BTT and KM, but I'd been experimenting with keyboard sequences in BTT when the version supporting Hyperkey functionality was introduced. All is working right now.

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