Can't remap cmnd+shift+tab

Hi, trying to map command+shift+tab to another key. See pic:

When activated, I get the tab, but no modifiers, I've tried using AppleScript with with key code or keystroke, with no success, suggestions welcome!


You only need one Action, and hold down the desired modifier keys when pressing the TAB key:

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Thanks, some progress with that, I can now get the app switcher to pop up as wanted, but I think that now I need to trigger a repeat press of the key, but only when command is already down. Any idea how I can get a hot key to trigger but only when, for example, command is already down. I don't see any options for that in the hot key trigger.

Tried this but no luck, see pic.
Many thanks, Terry

How to Use KM App Switcher

OK, let's backup to the original objective. If you want to use the KM App Switcher, including moving the selection backward, then do this:

  1. Create a Macro triggered by CMD-TAB
    • It has one Action: "Activate Application Switcher"
  2. Now whenever you want, press CMD-TAB to trigger the macro:
    • Continue to hold down the CMD key
    • Release the TAB key
    • Press & Release the TAB key to move forward to the next app
    • Press & Release ONLY the SHIFT key to move backward to the prior app
    • Release the CMD key to goto the selected app

Here's my macro:


Does that clear things up?