Can't run action with multiple menu options using the same shortcut [SOLVED]

In Apple Numbers I use the shortcut Shift+Cmd+D to delete 1 row.
I would like to have the same shortcut to delete 1 row or delete multiple rows.
When 1 row is selected, the path is
Table/Delete Row
When 2 or more are selected, it's
Table/Delete Rows

I added Delete Row|Delete Rows to my action, but only Delete Row does its thing.
Any idea what might me causing this?

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Strange, that exact macro works for me.

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I've just tried this in my copy of Numbers and it seems to work fine to delete row or rows so, I'm not sure why it's not working for you...

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Remember you can use a regular expression so putting

^Delete Row.*

In menu item should work without issue.

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@Evan_Mangiamele and @Zabobon
Figured it out.
I also have BetterTouchTool and I had a different shortcut set up that I forgot to delete once I started using KM. It's working now :slight_smile: Thanks for testing it!

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It's fixed now. Read my reply above.

Can you explain what ^Delete Row.* means in "English"?
Always interested in learning a bit more, since that is not familiar to me.

^ means what follows is a regular expression
Delete Row.* means this regular expression matches “Delete Row” followed by any other character zero or more times

So it will match both “Delete Row” and “Delete Rows” - as well as “Delete Row” followed by any other characters.

So, to be completely accurate, I should have offered up this:

^Delete Rows?

which says match the string “Delete Row” on its own or optionally followed by an “s”.

If that’s come out clearer than mud then I’d say we’re lucky :smile:


Oh I see! Makes sense. Thank you for clarifying :slight_smile: